Genuine Products

We are the first white-channel partners for major brands in IT and telecom products in East and Horn of Africa.

Warranty & Support

WestCom Hub is the first East and Horn of Africa-based Company to provide warranty on IT and telecom products

Timely Delivery

With good supply chain management, we offer timely and safe delivery of products

Monitoring & Review

Our skilled staff is trained to provide the right solutions/products to our clients.

About us

WestCom Hub Enterprises Limited

Westcom Hub Enterprise is a fast growing  IT and telecom solutions provider, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with offices in Ethiopia and Somalia. We are Enterprise IT and telecom Solutions Company with strong vision, integrity, in depth technical expertise and focus on customer service.

"If your competitors are winning the technology battle, they are winning the productivity battle too"


Product Portfolio

We have a diverse product portfolio comprising of end-user devices (laptops and desktops), attached peripherals (printers, photocopiers, scanners, projectors), internal components (SSD Drives, HD Drives, Graphic Cards), Power Products (UPS) and mobile phones and their accessories.







3 + Countries Served

200 + Trusted Client’s

100 % Client Satisfaction

20 Brands Portfolio